S U B W A Y   S U R V I V O R S


Subway Survivors is a survival map for Valve’s first person shooter Left 4 Dead 2. The aim of this project was to change the way the survival game-mode, within Left 4 Dead 2, is played.

M A P   D E T A I L S

  • Traps & Gas
    • Utilise the environment to aid in your survival; fill the generators to improve lighting and send a current through the kill zone, igniting those who would see the end of you.
    • Generators require gas however, so balance your initial resources wisely, or the safety of your choke point will become your tomb.
  • Don’t Miss the Train…
    • Trains deliver much needed supplies, such as gas, explosives, first aid and improved weaponry, but it is your choice whether you risk exposing yourself to meet them.

Download the Design Document here.
.docx : SubwaySurvivors_LDD
.pdf  : SubwaySurvivors_LDD