Contact & Résumé

Name: Greg Pryjmachuk
Location: Birmingham, UK


GregPryjmachuk_CV_2014 (.pdf)


  • Valve’s Hammer Editor (all aspects including full understanding of optimisation for Vvis)
    • Full understanding of Vvis and how best to optimise environments to compile fast and effectively.
    • Full understanding of Binary Space Partitioning and how best to utilise it for levels and environments.
    • Full in-editor scripting knowledge and correct use of parenting.
    • Effective use of lighting, texture and decal placement to bring an originally blocked out level to life.
    • Asset placement, solid design overview and constant compiling coupled with regular build tests helps to make the original goal ‘work’ in a game environment.
  • Source Engines’ Navigation Meshes (for incorporating AI)
  • Blender // 3Ds Max 2010 (modelling, rigging, animating / character and environment).
    • Modelled low poly characters  modelled using my own references and kept anatomically correct, which can then easily be used in any game engine.
    • Rigging of these models with correct weight painting to allow them to easily form any ‘realistic’ pose for use in animation.
    • Animation of basic movements, such as walking, running and jumping.
  • Unity3D (all aspects)
    • Creating my own scripts using UnityScripts’ version of JavaScript to effectively instruct game objects on what to do in-game’.
    • Creating playable characters, and placing them in a playable environment using assets modelled, rigged and animated in blender coupled with specifically assigned JavaScript scripts.
    • Creating scripted events using JavaScript (UnityScript) to allow physics triggers or similar events.
    • Utilising the engine overall to display my ideas into concepts, to find out if new ideas can really work.
    • Working with grid, point and nav-mesh AI path-finding solutions to create believable AI behaviours.
  • Crytek’s CryEngine 2 (flow graphing, terrain editor, AI pathing, general object placement).
  • Unreal Development Kit (Level editor features).
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 (conceptual and promotional work created using a wacom A5wide).
  • Adobe Flash CS3 (animation with some basic ActionScript knowledge).
  • Microsoft Office // (all aspects including spreadsheets, documentation and presentation)